Irina Alekseyeva

Head of the Architecture and Urban Planning Department under the Head of the Republic of Yakutia, Russia

Irina Alekseeva is the chief architect of Yakutia which is the largest and coldest region in the world, where public spaces are designed in extreme climate. She is an initiator of creative collaborations and communication projects in the field of transforming the urban environment. On her initiative, discussions related to public space development issues were organized in Yakutsk. The discussions and workshops were held with the participation of Russian and international experts. Due to her efforts, architectural competitions with the participation of leading Russian and international participants and experts were organizes in the region.

In 2015, Irina Alekseeva was appointed the chief architect of the city of Yakutsk, and in 2018 the head of the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. On this position, she promotes the issues of integrated development of territories on the state level.

Irina Alekseeva was also the deputy chairman of the jury of competitions for creating the concept of the Park of future generations, for the development of the tourism cluster in the village Oymyakon and the creation of the concept for the development of Lenin Square in the city of Yakutsk.