Vasily Auzan

Programme director of the Moscow Urban Forum, Russia

Vasily Auzan is a Programme Director of the MoscowUrban Forum.

Vasily began his professional career as a special correspondent for the Expert magazine. In 2003-2011, he worked at leading international consulting companies such as McKinsey & Company and Booz & Company, where he implemented a number of projects for state and private organizations in the fields of energy, telecommunications, and innovative development.

In 2011, he joined the Strelka Institute team, where he worked as a tutor of educational programmes. At Strelka, he also led the "Greater Moscow" project, which examined the connection between economic development and the urban environment. Since 2012, he has been involved in the organization of large business forums with the participation of top officials of the Russian Federation and other countries.

In 2003, he defended his doctoral thesis on electronic commerce at the Moscow State University. In 2008, he received an MBA from INSEAD Business School, France.