Guillermo Bernal

Founder & Director, Lugares Públicos
Partner, Placemaking X, Mexico

Since 2014, Guillermo Bernal has been in charge of Lugares Públicos, a non-governmental organization that advises —Āorporations in community-driven projects in Mexico and Latin America. The organization develops trainings, community strategies, urban intervention, and social projects. Guillermo Bernal also collaborates with the Project for Public Spaces. As a fellow of the organization, he provides technical assistance, gives conferences, organizes campaigns, and workshops in Latin America on the theme of Placemaking. From 2015 to 2017, he led the joint project of Lugares Públicos and the Project for Public Spaces “The Heart of the Community” (Corazón de la Comunidad). The project aimed to create new user scenarios for the Foro Lindbergh plaza in Parque México.

Guillermo’s team used a range of creative engagement activities to gather information from people in the Foro and to encourage them to offer ideas about how to improve and activate it.