Sergei Georgievsky

CEO, Agency for Strategic Development ‘Center’

Sergei is a Co-Founder and General Director of the Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”. He is an expert on the sustainable development of territories.

Sergei has a prominent experience in managing business projects and GR, including a number of large investment, research, and sociopolitical programs at the international and federal levels. He is an expert on the sustainable development of territories (including preserved and natural areas and public spaces). He specializes in urban planning, development of the quality of the environment, economics of infrastructure projects, and competitive bidding practices. For over 10 years, Sergey has been working on putting advanced territorial development tools into practice in Russia, among them sociocultural and functional programming and placemaking, which facilitate the development of a high-quality environment in Russia and increased effectiveness of territorial projects in the changing economic landscape.

He is a member of the Expert Council for the Prize of the City of Moscowin Architecture and Urban Planning under the Committee for Architecture andUrban Planning of the City of Moscow, the Academic Council of ‘RE-School’, the international educational project in the field of preservation and revitalizationof the cultural heritage, and the Public Council of the federal project ‘UrbanEnvironment’. He is also a jury member of major professional prizes in the real estate and architecture field such as the CRE Moscow Awards, Best BuildingAwards, ProEstate & CRE Federal Awards, etc.