Lilia Haua

President, Bosque Chapultepec Conservancy, Mexico

For the past eleven years, Lilia managed the private fund Pro Bosque Chapultepec that is devoted to raising funds to rebuild, recover and preserve El Bosque de Chapultepec. Chapultepec is the largest city park in North and South Americas, measuring in total over 686 hectares. The goal of the Trust is to provide an urban park for families to visit and enjoy within the highest global standards.

In the position of Trust’s director, Lilia is responsible for establishing relations with the city authorities of Mexico City, organizing public events, and overseeing Pro Bosque Chapultepec Trust projects. She is also responsible for relations with the Citizen Guiding Council that was established by the Mayor of Mexico City in 2002. The Citizen Guiding Council is an advisory and assessment body to the projects and tasks carried out in Chapultepec Park. It voices opinions on the recovery action plan, annual work program, and allocation of private and public resources for the Park.