Natalia Makovetskaya

Expert on engaging and working with urban communities, Russia

Natalya Makovetskaya is an architect and an expert on working with urban communities and engaging them in the urban planning process. She was engaged in a program for involving citizens in the development of nature reserves. She also curated the community building project for co-living.

In 2016-2019, she was the head of the Citizens Involvement Department at Strelka KB. She also specializes in working with historical settlements. Among her recent projects: working with external communications during the reconstruction of Moscow streets within the framework of „My Street“, involving citizens in the urban environment redevelopment in 40 Russian cities before the World Cup, as well as the development of strategy for the city of Svobodny, urban environment redevelopment in Kaliningrad and the Ivanovo Region, launch of the digital platforms for citizen inclusion.

Earlier, Natalia led the projects of the Russian Committee of the World Heritage of UNESCO.