Lyubov Varlamova

General director and founder of iCube, Russia

Lyubov Varlamova is an architect and city planner, and a managing director of the iCube design bureau. Her company is developing unique urban planning and urban development projects. The main activities of the bureau include master planning of territories and landscape design. The bureau is distinguished by an integrated approach to any task — it is a multilayer preparation of a space where users are perceived as the key players and space is perceived as a service. The ICube bureau focuses on the environments that are interesting and comfortable for children. For many years, Lyubov has been working to ensure that children and their parents are considered as a full-fledged audience when creating strategies for territorial development in Russia.

In addition to her main activities, Lyubov regularly lectures and writes articles on childhood in the city. She is a Member of the Commission for Urban Development of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia, a member of the Art Council of the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Moscow Region.